Question: Is there a difference between going from overweight or obese to normal weight, and going from normal weight to single digit body fat? How about going from upper single digit body fat to contest shape? In other words, does fat loss become harder as your body fat percentage gets lower? Answer: Fat loss definitely […]

Natural Bodybuilding FAQ-How To Get Big Arms? Next to abs, the question on how to get big arms seems to be the second most frequently natural bodybuilding question. In this FAQ, I hope to answer how to win the arms race.

Natural Bodybuilding Video: Hugo Rivera and Ben Pakulski Talk Bodybuilding Nutrition Ben Pakulski and Hugo Rivera talk about how they feel about high carb diets, when carbs should be consumed, and how many fats you need in order to gain muscle naturally. This is part 3 of 4. For Part 1 go Here => […]

Natural Bodybuilding Video: Hugo Rivera and Ben Pakulski Talk Bodybuilding Training with MI-40, Part 2 In this natural bodybuilding video, IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski and Hugo Rivera talk about bodybuilding training and how MI-40 helps you to gain muscle mass! This is part 2 of 4. For Part 1 go Here => For Part […]

In this article I discuss several women’s fitness topics and how to use natural bodybuilding for body sculpting.

How I Gained 25 Pounds In One Week When I read this article I almost fell off the chair. This is the story of how Nick Nilsson personally went from 192 pounds to 217 pounds in bodyweight in only 7 days! Sounds insane and impossible, I know. That is why it is so important that […]

Natural Bodybuilding FAQ: Should You Train With Muscle Soreness? The question of whether you should train with muscle soreness or not is one that often comes through my inbox. The typical advice is to wait until you’re not sore to train that muscle again. However, is this really the case? Check out this awesome article […]

Wondering what the best natural bodybuilding training routine for making the best gains in muscle mass and fat loss is? Check out this video blog then and get the answer! Which One Is The Best Natural Bodybuilding Training Routine for Maximum Gains?

Natural Bodybuilding FAQ – Training Over 40 Natural bodybuilding expert and best selling fitness author Hugo River discusses how should bodybuilders over 40 train.

Natural Bodybuilding FAQ on The “Anabolic Amplifier” Program Since a lot of you have been really interested by the email that I recently sent talking about bulking up without fat gain, and have asked me about the “Anabolic Amplifier” program mentioned on the e-reports I shared with you, I decided to answer in this article […]

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