Which Aerobic Exercise Is Better for Fat Loss: Walking On The Treadmill or On The Pavement? Learn which one of these two aerobic exercises is better for fat loss.

Aerobics FAQ -Questions About Aerobics Get Answered I have received alot of questions lately on the subject of aerobic exercise due to a lot of recent research that has been conducted on the topic of aerobics regarding what is the best way and time to conduct them for optimal fat loss results while keeping the […]

Natural Bodybuilding Video: Cardio for Fat Loss, Part III In part III of my cardio for fat loss video series you will learn about what the best times are to perform aerobic exercise in order to lose fat the fastest.

Natural Bodybuilding Video: Cardio for Fat Loss, Part II In part II of my cardio for fat loss video you will learn about good types of aerobic exercise for fat loss and the sort of frequency and duration that you need to do in order to burn fat.

Natural Bodybuilding Video: Cardio for Fat Loss, Part I Learn how to lose body fat with cardiovascular exercise.

Natural Bodybuilding is the Answer to the Riddle of Weight Loss Turn on the TV, open up a magazine or just read the health news over the Internet and you get the impression that everyone apparently is searching for the seemingly daunting and complex task of how to accomplish weight loss. Some appear to be […]

What Is The Best Type of Cardiovascular Exercise Machine for Losing Fat Weight? In my opinion, the best type of cardiovascular exercise machine for losing fat weight depends on the sort of shape that the bodybuilding trainee is currently at.

3-Min Home Ab Workout: Crunches & Leg Raises for 6-Pack Abs If you think that you need fancy equipment or all of the time in the world to get 6-pack abs, think again! With this 3-minute home abdominal workout that consists of bicycle crunches, regular crunches and leg raises you can get 6-pack abs in […]

So let me guess, you have bought a lean cuisine before at the grocery store thinking that you were making a healthy choice, right? Well what if I told you that these so called lean meals that are really the reason why you may be stuck when trying to achieve your weight loss goals. Would […]

This is a big myth that has plagued women in their efforts to lose weight! The truth is that while cardio can definitely help you lose weight and get into great shape, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Now what I am about to say may come as a shock to many, but […]

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