With Halloween just a day away I figured that many of you would like to make a nice sugary addition to your natural bodybuilding diet in the form of candy. As a result, I decided to share with you my tips on how to cheat on your bodybuilding diet. If you follow these tips you […]

What’s in Lee Labrada’s Lunch Box? My good friend IFBB Pro Lee Labrada talks about his daily diet for muscle gain and fat loss. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtMmcP6DbYE Make sure to visit my Labrada Nutrition Blog for tons of FREE articles on Training, Nutrition and Supplementation! http://www.labrada.com/blog

Who says that you have to eat the same thing over and over again or cannot break your diet for a meal while trying to lose weight? That is right, you can have a cheat meal once a week and still get the weight loss results that you deserve. You may be wondering how and […]

So let me guess, you have bought a lean cuisine before at the grocery store thinking that you were making a healthy choice, right? Well what if I told you that these so called lean meals that are really the reason why you may be stuck when trying to achieve your weight loss goals. Would […]

Is Mineral Water Healthy? Anthony Alayon: Author of Fat Extinction www.fatextinction.com In this video, I will reveal the truth about mineral water and discuss whether it is healthy or not for you to drink!

How Much Water Should You Drink? Anthony Alayon: Author of The Fat Extinction Program www.fatextinction.com Check out this video where I discuss how much water is needed to be healthy regardless of your fitness goals!

Can Labrada Nutrition’s EFA Lean Gold Help You Burn Fat? Anthony Alayon: Author of The Fat Extinction Program http://www.fatextinction.com Check out this short video I made where I discuss whether or not Labrada Nutrition’s EFA Lean Gold helps to burn fat or not!

In this natural bodybuilding article, I discuss the difference between weight loss and fat loss.

Question: I love coffee. I drink it almost every morning. Is this really bad for me? Answer: The truth is that coffee is not bad for you to drink as long as you do not load it up with sugar and other types of sweeteners that contain sugar. You see, many people do not know […]

Typically, when a bodybuilder reaches 10% body fat, in order to keep the process of fat loss going in the right direction, we need to use some metabolic trickery. While at this point, the instinct of many bodybuilders is to eliminate carbs from their bodybuilding diet and go on a ketogenic diet, this is not […]

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