Low libido, depression and a decrease in muscle size and strength are just a few of the symptoms of low testosterone. As bodybuilders, testosterone is one of our key hormones for packing on muscle and staying in shape. It is the one hormone that separates men from women, and is the key hormone that propels […]

Blood pressure is a measure of the pressure of the blood flowing through your arteries, and is usually written as two numbers. The top number, known as the systolic pressure, is the pressure exerted on your arteries during your heartbeat; the bottom number, also called the diastolic pressure measures the pressure experienced by your arteries […]

Alright I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. Yoga is all the rage these days…ironically enough, since the most frequently cited benefit is a tranquil, stress-free mind. The range of near-miraculous health benefits touted by those who enjoy this hobby runs the gamut from stress relief and better sleep to increased flexibility and […]

Everyone wants a toned, lean body. For the most part, we also have an idea of what we could do to get such a fabulous physique: regular, strenuous exercise burns off fat just fine. The problem is that not everyone has the time or—let’s face it—interest to commit to spending hours at the gym on […]

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