Which One Is The Best Natural Bodybuilding Training Routine for Maximum Gains?

Wondering what the best natural bodybuilding training routine for making the best gains in muscle mass and fat loss is? Check out this video blog then and get the answer!

Which One Is The Best Natural Bodybuilding Training Routine for Maximum Gains?

When I’m asked which one is the best routine to perform when looking for bodybuilding gains, my answer always is to use a bodybuilding routine that you have never used before. In this manner you always keep the body guessing. The quickest route to stagnation and lack of gain is to follow a bodybuilding routine for months to an end with no changes to it.

Initially, when you start using a new bodybuilding workout your body needs to learn how to cope with the stress. It does this by growing the muscle, provided that your bodybuilding diet and rest are in order. However, once the nervous system begins to adapt, the body then starts activating less and less fibers every time that the workout is performed. This is one of the ways in which the body prevents itself from growing out of control. You have to keep in mind that your body does not want to change and it will do whatever it takes to stay the same. Remember from your biology class that the body likes to stay in a state of homeostasis (a state of balance and no change). The way to get around this is by varying your bodybuilding workouts.

In your bodybuilding journey you will discover that the more advanced you become, the more you have to vary your training tactics. Now, variation works best when it is performed as part of a logical plan of periodization, which is just a fancy term that means changing your sets, repetition and rest parameters in a way that will yield the fastest results. The best way to periodize your workouts in my experience is to alternate periods of high volume (high sets, high reps, small rest in between sets) with periods of lower volume (lower sets, lower reps, and longer rest in between sets). The reason I like this periodization model the most is because the muscle grows in two ways:

  1. Hypertrophy caused by an increase in energy substances in the muscle cell (such as creatine and glycogen): This type of hypertrophy is caused by training that is high in volume (8-12 reps) with limited rest in between sets. This type of training enhances growth hormone output and lactic acid production. (Note: If you stop training that is the reason that the muscles shrink so fast. The amount of the stored substances inside the muscle cell just go back to normal and the muscle shrinks).
  2. Hypertrophy caused by an increase in the diameter of the muscle fiber (actual muscle growth): It seems that this type of muscle growth stays longer after a period of no training than the first type. I don’t know if there are any studies out there that will back this up, but based on empirical evidence, this seems to be the case. This type of growth is caused by training that emphasizes long rests in between sets (2.5 to 3 minutes) and low reps (4-8). This type of training enhances testosterone level output. It seems like it takes longer to achieve this type of growth than the first one, but it is well worth it.

Variation, of course, is also achieved by varying the bodybuilding exercises themselves, so for instance if you were using a barbell incline bench press on your last routine, switch that to its dumbbell variation on the next routine. Every change that is performed to your bodybuilding workout will elicit an adaptation response from your body in the form of increased muscle growth. As you even get more advanced you can then even begin to vary the exercise tempo, which is the speed at which you move the weight up and control it on the way down. Other advanced techniques like partial reps, descending sets and forced reps can be incorporated as well, but again, this is after a good 5 to 6 years of solid training. For now, play around with the variables of sets, repetitions, rest in between sets, and exercise selection.

Sample Bodybuilding Routine Using Periodization
For a sample bodybuilding routine that uses periodization, please click here.

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  1. I like your site and Im glad that you are realistic I read some of these magazines and these guys do these split routines that seem like are impossible to do without taking steriods how these guys recover between workouts just boggles my mind and they seem to try make readers think the only way to get gains is to do what they do your way is more realistic and makes sense and for people like me who work and have families can do your routines in a short amount of time and get great resuls

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