Ask, Believe, Persist and Achieve

Guess what the biggest threat to your bodybuilding success is? I guarantee that nine out of ten of you will get the answer to this question wrong and that is the reason why I want to expose this huge threat. The biggest threat to your bodybuilding success is: your own mind!

What I notice happens with most people who are starting out in bodybuilding, and even with many people who have been practicing it already for a long time, is the fact that in their minds they really do not believe that it is possible to achieve their bodybuilding goals. Typically, the mind creates a thousand reasons why this could be the case. (And by the way, this is not only true of bodybuilding goals, but also of any other life goals you may have.)

However, ask yourself the following question: If other people can achieve their goals, why can’t you? I know that unfortunately, when you start out with bodybuilding, a lot of people may make fun of you. You may get criticized by the way you eat, or by the fact that you may be training at the gym on a Friday night, when everyone else is out partying and drinking. Some people may even tell you that you do not have the genetics to grow muscle or be lean.

However, using myself as an example, if you looked at pictures of me when I was young and seriously overweight, no one could have ever predicted that I could become a bodybuilder; much less one that has placed 4th at bodybuilding competitions like the Mr. USA. To be quite honest with you, that last accomplishment is something that completely surpassed any initial goal I had set for myself when I started bodybuilding.

Always keep in mind that genetics in bodybuilding only apply to top national level bodybuilding competition and, of course, definitely at the professional level. However, anyone, and I repeat, anyone can use bodybuilding to grow much bigger muscles than usual and achieve a level of leanness and definition that will be admired by everyone.

Therefore, stop letting your own mind and others put you down. Ask yourself what sort of physique you want to have and set a realistic goal. You must absolutely believe that you can achieve this goal and there can be no doubts in your mind that your goal is possible. In other words, you need to re-wire your thought patterns and have the proper mindset.

Then break your goal into smaller short term goals and set a bodybuilding plan to get each one of them. Once you have the goals and plan in place, then you need to have persistence and execute it day in and day out. If your bodybuilding plan is not working, don’t become discouraged and give up. Just troubleshoot it and fix it! And like I said, whatever you do, never ever give up! Words like “quitting” or “giving up” should be taken out of your vocabulary permanently to the point that your brain cannot even comprehend them. Be like the Spartans in the movie 300: “No retreat; no surrender!”

If you do all of this, I guarantee you that you will achieve your bodybuilding goals and possibly even surpass them like I did. I also guarantee that if you apply this same philosophy to other aspects of your life, you are simply bound to be a huge success!



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