3 Foods That Will Cause You to Get Fat

These 3 foods in particular have been known to many dieters as being great to lose weight, when in fact they are not! A majority of the people are eating these 3 foods not knowing the potential harm they can be doing to their bodies and the destruction they can bring upon their fitness and weight loss goals!

Everyone seems to know that eating foods containing too much saturated fat or even too many carbs can cause you to add unwanted inches to your waistline, so I decided to not even discuss this with you today.

Instead, I will give you 3 foods that make you fat without you even knowing it!

1. Fruit Juices: Now while I am not saying it is unhealthy to consume fruit juices such as orange juice, I am saying that too much in excess can be detrimental to attacking unwanted belly fat.

You see, fruits are a simple carbohydrate which means that they do yield some healthy benefits such as providing us with vitamins, minerals and help to strengthen our immune systems. However, we are not meant to take fruits such as an orange or a grape away from its natural form to mix with a bunch of sugars. We also do not get the fiber rich content that is in these foods when we drink it as a juice.

It is best to eat the fruit in its natural state as you will be able to consume the fibers within them and not feel hungry for a snack or get food cravings as you would from drinking these fruits as a juice.

2. Canned Foods: While this may be a surprise to many, canned foods are deceptive and should be avoided if possible. The reason for this is because in order to preserve the quality and taste of the food item, they are loaded with sodium, sugars and trans fats.

The high sodium content will cause you to retain water and make you feel bloated if consumed in excess. Now I think I speak for all of us when I say that feeling bloated or retaining too much water is not a good thing for shedding off the unwanted weight!

3. Frozen Dinners: Anytime you go to the grocery store and head towards the frozen food section aisle, you will find a few things in common among all of them. They are all high in sodium and trans fats just as canned foods are. The reason for this is also to make sure the quality and taste of the foods do not diminish.

A great substitute for canned foods and frozen dinners can be an all natural source of the same food.

So the next time you are at the grocery store shopping, remember these little known dieting tricks to help you blast away stomach fat!

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